Cross-stitch, mindfulness, and mistakes

When you are new to something, you are going to make mistakes. That's frustrating. And needlework, such as cross-stitch, does require some precision. But Rosy & Grey doesn't want perfection to get in the way of your enjoyment, so we designed patterns that we call mistake-friendly.

We choose shapes for our abstract designs that can handle mistakes. So if you miss a stitch, add an extra, if your rows don't line up, or you counted incorrectly (those holes are small), your cross-stitch will still look good. And no one will know unless you show them.

Another reason for creating mistake-friendly cross-stitch charts was to help you, the stitcher, get into the flow of stitching. It's more fun to stitch than count, so if you mess up a few stitches, your finished results won't suffer. For that matter, neither should you.

Don't judge yourself for an error, whether you are a first-time or an old-time cross-stitcher. Nothing is fun when you criticize yourself about it. Mindfulness is about being aware of your thoughts, senses, and emotions but not judging them.

So pick a pattern with our quiz, pick up your needle, and stop picking on yourself.