How to use a cross-stitch chart

How to use the colour key and match the thread to the pattern

  1. Find the thread number on its middle black wrapper.
  2. Match the thread number to the colour key.
  3. Use the colour key to match the thread to the pattern.

Start stitching

  1. Find the centre of the Aida cloth by folding on its length and width.
  2. Find the centre of your pattern by looking for where the two red lines meet.
  3. Match your thread to the colour key, then to the pattern.
  4. You may wish to write the thread number on the pattern itself, especially if you have two similar colours.
  5. Mark your progress on your pattern with pencil or highlighter, crossing of the rows as you go. Trust us, this will save you time and effort re-tracing your steps / re-counting your stitches.
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