Make Cross-Stitch Easier with these Tips

A person cross-stitching outside.

Good lighting makes all the difference.

Yes, the squares on the fabric can be hard to see. But there are lots of ways to solve that problem. Eyeglasses, a lamp, a magnifying lamp, or direct sunlight – cross-stitch is great to do outdoors!

Cross-stitch in progress showing a needle minder

A needle minder is essential, especially around pets and children.

A needle minder is a two-sided magnet that you fix to the fabric and place you need. Here’s one I bought on Etsy. It’s also known as a needle nanny.

A needle threader

Buy a needle threader, especially if you have long nails or sore eyes.

This is especially true if you have long nails. Or sore eyes. I can’t live without mine.

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