Is the pattern printed on the cloth?

No. These are counted cross stitches, which means you use the pattern and count the squares in the cloth.

Doesn't counting the pattern and cloth squares make cross stitch harder?

It depends on your experience, patience, personality, and the lighting where you stitch. Finding flow and satisfaction requires some focus, right? So focus on your counting, like The Count in Sesame Street. Maybe it will be a small hiccup in the otherwise lovely, satisfying, repetitive motion of stitching. But you can also think of it as a commercial break.

Check out The Count's counting school in this YouTube video.

How small are those in the fabric?

There are 14 squares per inch, so they are pretty small. Good lighting and your glasses, or a magnifying light, make a difference. You manage to squint at your phone several dozen times a day, don't you?

What do the patterns look like?

Like this. Learn how to use a cross-stitch chart in our blog post.

Does the kit come with an easel or stand?

No, the easels/stands you see in some photos aren't included because the ones I sourced are not good enough to sell, but maybe one day!

Is a pattern a chart?

Yes. It's called a chart in the UK. I call it a chart, a pattern, or even a design.

How do I use the pattern/chart?

Check out these instructions on how to use a cross-stitch chart.

Does the cross stitch come complete?

No, you stitch it! Why? Because it's relaxing, creative, satisfying, and guilt-free.

How much thread do I get?

We provide the whole skein so that you can use the rest in your future stitching adventures!

What if I make a mistake?

My philosophy is usually, who cares? But sometimes, I do care, and in that case, I carefully use a seam ripper to remove the thread and start again. Most of our patterns are designed to allow for mistakes; your completed design will not look the worse for a few dropped stitches, a missed row or two, or extra stitches.

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