About Rosy & Grey and Our Cross-Stitch Kits

A healthy diversion

Everyone needs a healthy diversion, and this is where the Rosy & Grey story begins.

It's exciting to try something new. Cross-stitch is a simple way to set your mind at ease while also creating a finished product you can be proud of and use as a style piece in your home.

Cross-stitch is relaxing. It's satisfying. As a piece takes shape, you are motivated to keep stitching. The craft and the creation are engrossing. Thoughts and feelings are suspended; sadness, restlessness, and preoccupation are set aside. Just stitch!

A spa day for your mind

Everyday life fills our brains to the brim; your brain needs a break.

Cross-stitch is a skill you can learn in forty seconds. Then you stitch, repeat, stitch, repeat, like waves on a beach. Peaceful. Zen. Chill. Like the sands through an hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

In meditation, you focus on your breath. In cross-stitch, you focus on your stitches, counting them to follow the pattern. With the help of pen and paper, this will very quickly become part of your stitching trance, too.

Pursuing mindfulness

Mindfulness is being aware of what we are doing without judging. It's that last bit we often forget, the not-judging piece. If, while cross-stitching, you can suspend judgment, you can find space for mindfulness. But it's hard to do that, especially when you are new to the craft, so we have specially designed our patterns to encourage mindfulness and tolerate mistakes.

Beautiful yet imperfect

Rosy And Grey is a song by the Canadian band The Lowest of the Low that is about finding the beauty in imperfect situations. To appreciate rosy, you need grey, and vice versa. This balance and harmony sums up the cross-stitch experience for people who find it a positive way to deal with routine and extreme stress.

We are all capable of finding peace and even joy. Because, however imperfect life is, there is always beauty.